Pest Management Programs

Every Select Exterminating's Pest Protection Program starts with a thorough inspection of your home, inside and out.

We'll find the critters that don't belong and eliminate them along with their access routes and internal breeding grounds. After that initial inspection, you have your choice of one of three comprehensive programs of pest control:

Spring time is pest time as pests wake up from winter slow-downs and hibernation. We apply an exterior barrier of protection to block out ants, beetles, spiders and other outdoor based pests.

Summer time warm weather means active time for pests. Summertime inspections and treatments for pests like ticks and ants help to keep your home comfortable and safe for you.

Fall is time for warm weather insects and rodents to seek warmth and shelter for the winter. Every home can be a target so we carefully inspect and treat your home's exterior sealing up cracks and crevices around foundations, windows and eaves.

Winter time indoors feels like summer time outdoors to pests. The ones already in your home continue to grow and multiply. Additional sealing and baiting for rodents is done. We're there for you to find and eliminate growing families of pests, every season of the year.

The Programs:


Select Gold

Select Silver

Select Bronze
24/7 Emergency Service
Common Ants
Carpet Beetles
Water Bugs (Roaches)
Stinging Insects
Carpenter Ants


  1. SELECT Bronze is Select Exterminating's extra service Pest Protection Program covering treatment for food infesting insects, spiders, silverfish, roaches, earwigs, crickets, mites, ground beetles, bees, wasps, ants, millipedes and centipedes and rodents. This program covers any special visits necessary for the pests listed above as well as four scheduled seasonal visits for treatment and prevention.

  2. SELECT Silver is Select Exterminating's Pest Protection Program covering everything in the Select Bronze program PLUS birds and honey bees.

  3. SELECT Gold does it all. Select Platinum is Select Exterminating's Pest Protection Program covering everything in Select Silver and Gold PLUS Sentricon termite monitoring, carpenter ants and carpenter bees.

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