Occasional Invaders

Crickets, Spiders, Moths, etc.

If you hear even one cricket, see just one spider, swat only one moth, others must be lurking in the vicinity. Select Exterminating can give you a free evaluation and offer an effective way to deal with the situation before it becomes a serious problem.

Occasional invaders can often make us uncomfortable. A spider dropping down from the ceiling can send someone running from the room. Moths swarming around night light can be annoying. But moth larvae can eat their way through your wardrobe and spider bites can be painful and dangerous. That's why you need to call Select Exterminating. We can find the source of the problem and develop a treatment plan to deal with the problem.

Our Preventive Home Service Program is designed to focus our treatments to exterior perimeter and resource zones where these pests develop and migrate into your home. We establish barrios to prevent the pests from entering your home!

Remember—if you see one invader, you haven't seen them all.