Fly Control

Swatting flies is an activity for the ball park, not for your home.

Fly infestations cannot be controlled with a fly swatter, no matter how good your swing may be. You need the professional team at Select Exterminating for the winning game plan to control the problem.

Most flies, such as house flies, horse flies, gnats, midges, and mosquitoes, are considered common household pests. They are characterized by having two wings while most other insect groups have four wings. In nature, flies serve an important function. In your homes or businesses, they do not. They are usually considered nuisances, but they may carry disease. More recently in our area, mosquitoes have become a serious health problem, especially in environments where there is standing water. At Select Exterminating, we have a variety of "green" treatments to handle the situation and offer a free estimate to solve your problem.