Bed Bugs

"Sleep Tight And Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite!"

Bed bug bites are not a child's rhyme. That's why you need Select Exterminating's specially trained team to eliminate bed bug infestations.

Bed bugs are prolific and multiply rapidly. Getting rid of them is not a job for amateurs. Many people who try to eliminate bed bugs by themselves usually end up calling a professional, and by that time, the infestation has become more widespread and is more difficult to eliminate. Once a bed bug infestation occurs, it is among the most difficult infestations to eliminate because of the need to find and destroy all of the eggs as well as any living bed bugs. Don’t wait till the bed bug infestation worsens, treat it like a fire and put it out right away.

Bed bugs aren't just found in homes but now are showing up in public places. Just this year alone there has been a 30% increase in encounters.

Bed Bugs Year Over Year Increases
Location 2012 2011
Hotels/ Motels 80% 67%
College Dorms 54% 35%
Nursing Homes 46% 25%
Office Buildings 38% 18%
Schools and Day Care Centers 36% 10%
Hospitals 31% 12%
Public Transportation 18% 9%


Bedbug Biology and Behavior

Bed bugs do not like to climb under the covers to feed. Unlike mosquitos and biting flies, bedbugs do not just bite; they draw blood for 5 - 10 minutes. Each bed bug feeds about every 2 - 3 days. Bedbugs also anesthetize the skin before they bite so no one feels bedbugs biting them. They always wake up the following day with bites. If occupants are waking up with bites daily this usually means they are being bitten by many bedbugs. Female bedbugs lay between 3 - 5 eggs per a day.

Bedbugs are cryptic and nocturnal. That means they like to hide and feed only late at night. (typically between 4 - 6AM.) The reason a treatment is so comprehensive is because females reproduce through a process called, "traumatic insemination". This means the male must pierce the exterior shell of the female in order to impregnate the female. After the female is mated, the female migrates away from where the insects are aggregating in order to deposit eggs which they glue into place. Eggs may be deposited several feet from where the rest of the activity is located, such as, behind pictures, adjacent furniture etc.

Eliminating bed bugs is not a trial-and-error do-it-yourself project. Select Exterminating Termite and Pest Control's bed bug inspection service to identify and solve the problem and save you time, money and anguish.

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