CoOPERATIVES & Condominiums

Our #1 Goal is to Keep Your Multi-family property pest free

condo pest control

Preventing pest infestations in multi-family properties is essential. As a team, we at Select Exterminating work with property managers to ensure common areas, apartments, and compactor areas are kept clean and pest free.

Select Exterminating uses an Integrated Pest Management approach for pest control. By doing so we work with building managers to keep pests out in a green and eco-friendly manner. Suggestions for residents and building managers to help in the pest elimination process include:

Keep drains clear of debris
Ensure flooding does not occur
Keep garbage bins away from the property
Landscape grounds properly
Keep food in air-tight containers

Select Exterminating also has the ability to work with real estate management computer programs such as the mybuilding software and building link. In buildings that use those software systems there is no need for the paper sign-up sheet because it can all be done on the system that Select Exterminating will have access to. This ensures better communication as well as better organization.

Select Exterminating is experienced in preparing and presenting flexible and reasonable year-round exterminating programs. References are available upon request.